Christian in Bash Events Group 

Christian is recently invited to be part of Bash Events Group team. It´s a great international entertainment company with branches in Dubai, Ibiza and other well-known cities. From world class international DJs, vocalists and live performers, to dancers, Hostesses and PR Models. Click the picture and go to Christian´s profile...


Toyota Event was great fun! 

Christian is one of Toyota's favorite artists to perform for their corporate events. Large corporations have sought out the 'Christian Valverde Show' for their high-end events. A great time was had by all at the Toyota event below through ENSAMBLE CULTURAL Event Planning. @ToyotaArgentina

Wake Up time! 


The creative impulse comes from the depths of our soul. It is like a flame that burns us and molds us inside. Hard to contain ... I listen to a lot of music, I feel different shades, I enjoy different nuances, sounds, murmurs, voices, shouts, instruments, diverse creative mixtures. Just as we are unrepeatable, we create individually and uniquely. I am convinced that you have to be encouraged to show yourself intimately. From the subtlety of a note well placed in the greatest simplicity to the brutal force…

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