Featured this week on the Not Just Jazz Network: Latin American Jazz Crooner, vocalist Christian Valverde faces a new era as he looks to bring his music to America with his latest CD “Jazz & Chocolates”. Christian Valverde has carved out his niche as the Latin American Jazz Crooner in Argentina and looks to bring his musical performance to the U.S. through his CD “Jazz & Chocolates” and feature on the Not Just Jazz Network. Valverde is a naturally happy and creative person who excels in singing classic jazz songs, especially from Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, and Ray Charles to name a few.  “Christian has a very special way of taking the jazz classics that we all know and love and turns them into his very own signature style as a compelling storyteller blending musical integrations. He is perfect for our Not Just Jazz Network platform and what it stands for” says Jaijai Jackson creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide and the Not Just Jazz Network. I am very proud to face a new "era" musically and excited for this new stage in my career.  Music is my soul and I get joy sharing it with different people from around the world. The recognition of how I interpret great classic jazz songs vocally has created new horizons for me that I am thankful for.  My goal is to bring my music to the U.S. and create wonderful alliances.  My upcoming show in November will be a new modern sound experience, exploring fusions of jazz and electro-style blends. I want to thank Jaijai Jackson who agreed to present my new music to several festivals and exclusive venues around the globe. I hope I can meet YOU there! Kind regards! Peace." ~ Christian Valverde Christian was born in London, England. His father was a Military Air Force Diplomat. He grew up in Argentina and he studied English as a second language. His impulse for singing became a passion he couldn't ignore as a child he was influenced by Tango, Jazz, and Swing. He lived and studied singing in Buenos Aires city with one of the best vocal coaches.  Determined to follow his passion, Valverde followed his heart and became a professional vocalist and hasn't looked back since.  He is always perfecting his craft not only as a singer but also as a composer. Currently, he is expanding his music to other Latin countries, the USA and Europe.  Christian’s upcoming show in November, entitled ‘All In’ presented at Teatro de Ciudad de las Artes, in Cordoba, Argentina will include a delicate mixture of jazz and electro-style blends passing through romantic atmospheres with his unique quality of entertainment that will take his audience ‘All In’. His goal is to be the best Latin American Jazz Crooner. His favorite motto is "Dream as you will live forever. Live as you’ll die tomorrow.” Be sure to catch his feature on the Not Just Jazz Network at http://www.notjustjazznetwork.com. To purchase “Jazz & Chocolates” and to learn more go to http://www.christianvalverde.com   ##  ” - Jaijai Jackson, Creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide & Not Just Jazz Network

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“JAZZ AND CHOCOLATES” Thursday, September 24 at 9:00 p.m. at the Teatro Real, a new date of the Disco es Cultura cycle will be organized, organized by the Music Area of the Córdoba Cultura Agency to present “Jazz y Chocolates”, the first studio album by the Cordovan singer Christian Valverde. This is a compilation that brings together versions of great jazz songs and some of their own songs. The album, which featured a great band with several of the best musicians in our province, also has a theme dedicated to Cordoba with arrangements for Big Band. For Christian Valverde, singing and listening to jazz is linked to the idea of relaxation, of pleasure. Hence the idea of chocolate as an element of enjoyment for millions of people? Jazz and Chocolate pursues this idea. And he is accompanied, cemented, by the voice of a great singer in tune with the participation of several of the most prominent musicians of the Cordoba scene. In the fifteen songs that make up the album, Andrés Coppa (piano), Germán Suarez (tenor and alto saxophone), Bebe Caniza (drums), Luciano Maro (double bass and electric bass), Sofía del Moral (cello) participated. Federico Seimandi (double bass), Pablo Jaurena (bandoneon), Nerina Álvarez ¿(violin), Jorge Gornik (clarinet), Laly Suarez (trumpet), Geremias Guiñazu (tenor saxophone), Alejandro Bordello (trombone), Santiago Dicristofano (guitar), Lucas Millicay (percussion) and Melisa Funes (choirs). About Christian Valverde: Christian Valverde born in London, England and based a few months in Córdoba, a city where he developed his childhood, adolescence, his University Studies of Public Accountant and his Social life. Only four years ago he decided to devote himself to his passion, which is to sing, professionally as a high form of spiritual expression. Today he is projected from Córdoba as a global artist, performing with his band new versions of great standards and also a couple of his own songs. Punctually in his first album that was published in September 2015, it includes, on the one hand, a theme dedicated to Cordoba with arrangements for Big Band in Spanish and another in English merging jazz, soul and funk. The father of two teenage sons Agustín and Sofía is proud to be considered the best male voice of Jazz in Argentina. With marked success in his tour of Chile in 2014. Nominated for Best Singer of the Carlos Paz Theater Season for the Carlos Awards, identified as Sinatra cordobés by Xibarita Magazine and considered by the newspaper La Voz as one of the three romantic voices of Córdoba.” - www.bitacoradevuelo.com

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