"Nominated Best Singer of the Summer Theater season for the “Carlos” awards in Carlos Pazcity, Córdoba, Argentina. Known for the principal Media as the “cordobees Sinatra”. Highlighted for “La Voz” newspaper as one of the three romantic voices in the country."


"Christian presented his “Memories” Concert with great jazz songs and classic songs always singing from his heart."

"Christian is a passionate man who conveys his feelings through his songs in both English and Spanish, a natural interpreter." 

"His shows exude expressive and seductive musical moments with his great energy, a vibrant cool attitude, and artistry that has a strong command. A natural leader."

"Excellent Show! Incredible! Incredible! What to say...We love it! Excellent Show, the songs you choose to sing and the most important, you sang a song you didn't perform before. We and our guests were marveled with your voice. Everything impecable, Christian! etc...." 

"Hello, Christian! How are you? Did you arrive well? I wanted to congratulate you and tell you that everyone was fascinated with the Band. It sounds excellent!! Thank you very much I hope every one of you felt happy and comfortable". ENSAMBLE CULTURAL Event Planning @EnsambleCulturalArgentina